Donate towards the preservation of 5 million feet of California Coastline

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Stater Bros. and Coca-Cola are proud to partner with California State Parks and the California State Parks Foundation to support the Care For Our Coast campaign.

Stater Bros. Supermarkets

All Stater Bros. Supermarkets have been built or retrofitted with energy efficient roofs, energy management systems and other measures resulting in reduced carbon dioxide emissions comparable to removing more than 3,000 automobiles off the road each year.

By participating in the State of California’s voluntary Demand Response Program, minor reductions in lighting, air conditioning and other equipment at Stater Bros. Supermarkets save enough energy to power 4,200 California homes each year. All new Stater Bros. Supermarkets incorporate green building measures including natural day lighting, a secondary refrigeration system, high efficiency lighting, recycled building materials and energy efficient equipment. In addition Stater Bros. customers will find many eco-friendly products and packaging, recycling centers, and the company’s largest grocery bag is now made with 100% recycled paper.

The new 2.3 million sq. ft. Stater Bros. Corporate Offices and Distribution Center campus has many green building measures, such as a lighting control system, energy efficient window coatings and over 1,000 skylights that reduce daytime power usage. With the Stater Bros. Distribution Center under one roof, Stater Bros. has experienced significant fuel savings. The company also encourages and promotes ridesharing and has various employee start times to reduce traffic congestion while also reducing fuel usage by all.

Stater Bros. was founded in 1936 in Yucaipa, California, and has grown steadily through the years to become the largest privately owned Supermarket Chain in Southern California and the largest private employer in both San Bernardino County and Riverside County, with annual sales in 2009 of $3.77 billion. The Company currently operates 167 Supermarkets, and there are over 19,000 members of the Stater Bros. Supermarket Family.

Last year, Stater Bros. donated more than $14 million in support of nonprofit organizations in the communities it serves and is the proud recipient of the “2010 Community Service Award” from America’s Supermarket Industry.

Stater Bros. has long supported preserving our environment — from saving the Arrowhead Symbol in the San Bernardino Mountains to planting One Million Trees in California State Parks. The Stater Bros. “Family” is building a better tomorrow for all.

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California State Beaches

California State Parks is composed of 278 units on nearly 1.5 million acres of land. State Parks is responsible for nearly one-third of the coastline of California, with more than 3,000 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails. The State Park System contains 98 percent of the state’s wilderness and 60 percent of its old growth coastal redwoods. Within the system, there are 50 State Historic Parks that encompass some of the state’s most valuable historic and cultural resources. State Parks receives more than 75 million visitors yearly, making it the single largest visitor destination in the state and second only to the National Park system for the nation.

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California State Parks Foundation

With over 115,000 members, the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) is the only statewide independent nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and advocating for California's magnificent state parks. CSPF is committed to improving the quality of life for all Californians by expanding access to the natural beauty, rich culture and history, and recreational and educational opportunities offered by California's 278 state parks—the largest state park system in the United States.

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Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling Companies

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California has produced, marketed and distributed Coca-Cola products for over 100 years. The local, franchised bottling company and its some 4,800 employees have a long tradition of being involved in the communities in which they do business.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California is a division of Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., the world's largest marketer, distributor, and producer of bottle and can liquid nonalcoholic refreshment. CCE sells approximately 80 percent of The Coca-Cola Company's bottle and can volume in North America and is the sole licensed bottler for products of The Coca-Cola Company in Belgium, continental France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, and the Netherlands.

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Like all beverages produced by The Coca-Cola Company, Dasani is manufactured and packaged according to strict safety and quality requirements. In addition to local, state, and federal regulations, the Coca-Cola system requires certain global operating standards through The Coca-Cola Management System, which helps ensure quality in everything we do.

In designing Dasani to be the best tasting water, Coca-Cola bottlers start with the local water supply, which is then filtered to remove impurities.The purified water is then enhanced with a special blend of minerals for a pure, crisp, fresh taste.

Now the pure, fresh taste of Dasani water comes in our innovative packaging called PlantBottle — a bottle made from up to 30% plant-based materials, still designed to be 100% recyclable. PlantBottle is the latest step Dasani is taking as part of The Coca-Cola Company's overall effort to lessen our footprint for the greater good. Through the Give it Back® Recycling Education Program, RecycleBank, and the creation of one of the world's largest recycling plants, we're striving to reach an end goal where our packaging is no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future use.

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Government Solutions Group

Government Solutions Group (GSG) is a unique marketing company that facilitates public-private partnerships for government agencies to help them reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve consumer relations through private partnerships. GSG works with all 50 state park systems across the nation by creating and managing win-win partnerships with corporations that benefit the park systems, and was a founding member of the America's State Park Alliance in conjunction with the National Association of State Park Directors. GSG is proud to work with Stater Bros. Supermarkets, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California, and the California State Parks on the 'Reforest California' campaign. The company is based in Pasadena, California.

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